Who is this course for? 
This course is for artists, crafters and anyone between.  In thinking about the development of this class Katrina and Lisa wanted it to be practical enough for the absolute beginner--someone who has never tried any of the techniques, but juicy enough for the more advanced student. If you have never crocheted--don't fret--we'll show you how it's done. But if you already know and understand the technique we hope to offer you some different ways to utilize it.

This course is for those of you who want a sense of community for 8 weeks while you tackle some craft/art projects. You'll also get feedback from two working, thinking, making artists. We take our craft and art very seriously [although we do giggle a lot] and we are here to give you feedback, offer suggestions, and teach you our tried and true techniques [Make a request if there's something you want us to cover!]. Between the two of us we have more years than we'd like to admit crafting and making and trying and failing and figuring out how to make what we make.

What are the dates of the course?
The course runs from March 31st - Mary 23, 2014. 8 weeks total. But the private website will be available to students until June 30.

The last time your ran the course it was only 4 weeks--why is it 8 now?
The feedback we got from our last batch of students made it clear that a week of "studio time" would put less pressure on participants--especially those picking up these crafts for the first time. This type of work can be time consuming since you are doing it BY HAND. We wanted to give students a bit more time to get settled into their projects so they didn't feel rushed.

What does the course include? 
Please see the home page for a complete week-by-week listing of what we'll be covering.

Where is this course located? 
This is a virtual online e-course. This means you can be ANYWHERE and take it [as long as there is internet]! AND you get to take the course at your own pace.

How does one take/access the course? Is there a link sent daily? 
You can access the course through an invitational blog. We'll invite by email once you've completed registration. You will also have the option to subscribe to new posts via email too.

What is the estimated time commitment? How long is each day’s material? 
This is really hard to gauge as it really depends on your level of commitment and ability. If you've never tried any of the techniques it could take a bit longer to get the ball rolling, but if you are a fast learner it could be fairly quick. We estimate that it should take 15-30 minutes [or less] to read or watch the daily blog posts. The projects could take as much time as you're able to invest--a few short hours or an entire day depending on your preference.

How does this course work? Is there a different focus every week?
Yes! This 8-week e-course is structured to have one particular technique each week. Visit the home page for a more detailed description but here's the overview:
Week 1-- crochet
Week 2-- studio time
Week 3-- soft sculpture
Week 4 --studio time
Week 5-- embroidery
Week 6-- studio time
Week 7-- quilting
Week 8-- studio time

We hope that you'll find ways to make these as CRAFTY or as ARTSY as you want. We encourage your own interpretation of how to use the techniques, we'll just show you what's worked best for us in our studio practices. Make something utilitarian [like a hat] or make something that is meant to be on a gallery wall--we can help you brainstorm and accomplish BOTH.

What supplies will I need? 
You will need some basic supplies for each segment. Yarn/crochet thread and a hook, needles, sewing and/or embroidery thread, fabric, stuffing... we'll supply a complete list of recommended supplies and you can get more information on the Materials page above. We'll suggest what you need as a bare minimum and then we'll also show you some tricked out, super cool, special supplies you could use instead.

Any other questions?
Fire away! We’re here if you have more questions… reach us at interwovenclass@gmail.com  & we’ll get back to you within 24 hours, or sooner.

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