about Lisa

Lisa Solomon  is a camera shy mixed media artist that moonlights as an art professor and freelance graphic designer. She runs a crafty business called MODIfy/d with a friend, and recently published a book - Knot Thread Stitch - exploring creativity through mixed media and embroidery. A monograph of her work Hand/Made is also available thru MIEL press.

She is best known for her work that questions and deconstructs the meaning of identity through the exploration of mediums traditionally associated with domestic crafts. She received her BA from UC Berkeley and her MFA from Mills College.

Profoundly interested in the idea of hybridization, she is drawn to found objects and imagery altering them conceptually so that their meanings and original uses or intents are re-purposed. She uses embroidery and crochet in her work frequently. She has shown both nationally and internationally in venues such as the San Jose Museum of Art, the Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, Nicoletta Rusconi Gallery in Milan, Italy, the Koumi Machi Museum in the Nagano prefecture of Japan, and Garson Baker Gallery in NY.  Born in Tuscon, AZ to a Japanese mother and a Caucasian father, she now lives and works in Oakland, California with her husband, daughter, a pit bull, a French bulldog, two 3-legged cats, a stumpy tail cat, and many, many spools of thread.

You can view her artwork, and read her artist statement if you are so inclined, on her website.

You can read more about her rambling thought processes, her studio practice and other random life bits on her blog.

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